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© Copyright Mr Clever Clean 2015. All Rights Reserved - Fully Insured, independently owned and operated.

Revitalise Your Driveway With Our Driveway Cleaning & Sealing Service.

Our service is for both domestic and commercial customers, a complete driveway cleaning and driveway sealing service. Using the latest technology, our rotary flat surface cleaning machines are able to offer driveway cleaning for all hard paving types for Driveway Cleaning.

In addition to our driveway cleaning Mr Clever Clean offer patio cleaning, block paving cleaning and can also clean decorative concrete areas and pathways. Refurbishing your existing driveway, patio or commercial paved areas is a very cost effective way of breathing new life into a tired hardscape. Whether you are looking for block paving cleaning, concrete cleaning or tarmac cleaning, Mr Clever Clean can help to restore driveways or patios to tip top condition. Why not book a free site survey today?

Driveway cleaning is carried out using high pressure washers and any chemicals necessary to bring it back to its original state. Driveway sealing  will be offered as an option when you choose driveway cleaning from us. For block paving, concrete slabs or decorative concrete areas, the benefits are huge, helping to inhibit growth, reduce moss and lichen and helping to prevent oil staining and bringing out the colour of the paving. On block paving, the sealers will stabilise the sand joints which will reduce surface activity of ant infestations.

For Tarmac and Asphalt, the Latexite Sealcoat tarmac sealers are a must for protecting and beautifying your paved areas. Not only do they re-colour faded Tarmac, they also fill small cracks and fissures, preventing the ingress of water which leads to larger cracks and pot holes. Latexite Sealcoats will also offer resistance to oil and chemical attack and inhibit moss and algae growth.

Driveway Cleaning

Re-Sanding of block paving

In addition to the high pressure clean Mr Clever Clean can deep clean and rejoin any block paved area, ground in dirt, grime and stains are simply washed away with the high pressure clean .

Once this has been done, the area is brushed with fine kiln dried sand to replenish joints and rejoin the paving, giving the area a brand new look Raising of dips & sunken areas

By removing the blocks from the affected and surrounding area, Mr Clever Clean raise the dips and replace the original blocks before brushing in a new covering of joining sand to firm up and finish the repair.

All repairs are assessed on site before a quote can be given.

Our comprehensive cleaning and maintenance package for your slabs or paving can tackle a majority of problems, from slippery slabs, to dirty blocks and from oil stains to sunken areas.